The New Espresso Logo is Live

Espresso was founded in 2014 and since then we’ve made a vow to embrace new ideas and reinvent ourselves when opportunities arise. One way we tackle reinvention is with a new logo. Each year at our company retreat we brainstorm and co-create the new Espresso logo design as a team.

We followed a few guiding principles:

  1. Take inspiration from 3-5 logo design trends from the year.
  2. Include Pantone’s color of the year. Ultra Violet!
  3. Incorporate black – Espresso’s only permanent brand color.

This year we combined two logo design trends to accomplish our goal: simple overlays and multicentric. And after much debate, our new logo with overlaid, multicentric circles was born. One might say it represents a lovely gathering, with many coffee cups, and creative conversation as evidenced by all those rings. But that’s just one opinion; we’re open to all interpretations and excited to launch it into existence.


2016 Logo

2017 Logo

2018 Logo