Kaspar Manufacturing – Clean Sweep

https://vimeo.com/275942895Espresso tackles full coverage of Kaspar Manufacturing’s Project Clean Sweep.

Espresso documented and created content for our client, Kaspar Manufacturing, for their first large-scale clean-up project. Kaspar Manufacturing is currently in a  Lean manufacturing transformation, a business philosophy that suggests in order to add value, you must continually remove what is causing waste. That waste can be associated with physical machinery and manufacturing practices as well as also processes and ideas.

For Kaspar Manufacturing, that meant a full day of removing the physical waste that has been lingering on the campus; some of it for over 50 years. They threw out 47.5 tons of scrap metal and covered 194,754 square feet.

Espresso provided coverage of the event with still photography, video, on-camera interviews, and content writing. A two-person camera team peppered the event with still photography, capturing both day of and before and after event photos. A video crew gathered footage and on-camera interviews with employees and the executive team, as well as utilizing stationary cameras for time lapse opportunities. The finished products included a video documenting the event, written content for blogs and a full page spread in the company newsletter.

The content we created has multiple uses for Kaspar Manufacturing and parent company, Kaspar Companies, when it comes to outreach, awareness, PR and recruitment.