Being a new company ourselves, we love working with startups.  It is refreshing to work with visionary entrepreneurs and creating brands on a new, blank canvas. As a new company revolutionizing the long-range hunting industry, iota Outdoors asked Espresso to form their brand from the ground up. We developed the logo, product names, packaging, website, print package and trade show booth to launch iota into the world.

iota engineers and develops products that improve accuracy when hunting and shooting. The Greek character, “iota” means “an extremely small amount.” Ever heard of a compounding trajectory error? A shot one inch off target at 100 yards would be over 10 inches off target at 1,000 yards. On long range shots, extremely small amounts matter. The logo needed to reflect the precision and old world craftsmanship needed to push the limits of range.

Between the greek alphabet letter “i” and the purposefully small orange off-centered dot, the logo cleverly reflects the precision and accuracy enhancing design of iota products. In addition, the colors of the brand represent the color tones experienced both at dawn and dusk – sunrises, campfires, sunsets – times when outdoorsmen experience the most excitement and adrenaline on their adventures.