Barbara Vasek, Project Manager for Espresso Marketing

Ninjefficient Encyclosolver (Project Manager)

Barbara Vasek was hired later in the Espresso game out of our pure need for structure. She uses her Lean Six Sigma Black Belt to keep us all in line (but we often imagine her flipping, chopping and kicking). Barbara graduated magna cum laude with a degree in Computer Science and Mathematics and doesn’t break a sweat handling multi-million dollar budgets, proposals and projects; this woman loves numbers, processes and spreadsheets! Our resident PMP (certified Project Management Professional) keeps us on-time, within budget, and rolling right along project after project.

Barbara is a true Texan grandmother, superbly skilled in hunting, sewing and cooking — anyone looking for the best potato salad or cheese rolls on the planet can make an appointment via the Espresso hotline. And her secret love that we would have never guessed includes researching old Texas dance halls … and then dancing in them!