Espresso Wins Addys

Espresso won five American Advertising Awards at the American Advertising Federation Awards Gala held in San Antonio March 3, 2018.

Kaspar Companies Company Wide Event

Change has been a theme for Kaspar Companies over the last several years, but it's really ramped up just in the past 6 months. Espresso was tasked with hosting a company-wide event where everyone could come together to hear straight from the horses' mouths.

My Experience With Espresso Culture by Valleen Bowden

The atmosphere of a coffee shop is intriguing in so many ways. It has the opportunity to lure you in to stay awhile. I’d like to say that Espresso (as a company), like the scent of coffee beans, has a way of lingering with you.

Espresso Accepting Outside Client (AS IN ONLY ONE)

Since our inception as the in-house agency for Kaspar Companies and subsidiaries, we’ve executed new brand creations or complete rebrands for 8 companies as well as produced nearly all creative work for our clients the last few years.

Espresso Team Retreat 2017!!

Our eight full time team members attended Espresso’s annual retreat which began at the Caterpillar Inc.

The Key to Success is a Portmanteau

Just this past Friday, Espressites gathered around a brightly lit Mac to connect via Skype chat with renowned illustrator