Espresso Is Looking For A Web Assets Manager

Espresso is looking for a full-time Web Assets Manager to join our coffee-fueled family of collaborative creatives. This position is for the www dot lover of all things HTML and SEO and AWS and UX and DNS and all other nifty acronyms for really important website management and development. As a small, high-talent team, we will depend on a self-starter who takes ownership of every aspect of our web development and management projects.

The Espresso Web Assets Manager (WAM) is involved in the development and maintenance of close to 30 websites in varying degrees. The WAM manages DNS hosting, server hosting, and billing from AWS, Squarespace, Rackspace, Godaddy, Google and a variety of other web services.

The WAM also consults and contributes to UX Design, SEO, E-commerce optimization, web marketing strategies, social media integration, email marketing development, and web asset (image and video) optimization. A big part of the job is bridging a gap between creatives and developers. The WAM should be adept at communicating in both worlds.

Because Espresso operates as a small versatile team, the WAM also typically wears the hat of in-house IT. A knowledge of basic networking and good understanding of Mac operating systems and maintenance is preferable.

This job involves tracking and maintaining a large number of digital user accounts and bills. The applicant needs to be dependable at tracking all of the relevant information and organizing for re-billing and project scope tracking.

While Espresso mostly outsources large and complex web project development, we also handle a lot of maintenance and content in-house. The applicant must be willing and able to run general maintenance and setup of virtual web servers, and a variety of content management systems. Knowledge of basic web development is necessary and ability to edit, create, and understand code is preferable.

Espresso is constantly exploring emerging technology and systems, and we rely heavily on the WAM to be someone who enjoys problem solving with a hunger for constant learning in an ever-changing field.

Necessary Skills:

  1. Should be adept at data and file organization
  2. Familiarity with linux web servers and terminal commands
  3. Should have passable skills in HTML & and CSS
  4. Preferably have E-commerce experience in WordPress, Magento 1, & Magento 2
  5. PHP, SQL, Javascript experience would be greatly beneficial, but not absolutely necessary.
  6. Knowledge of On-Page SEO and SEO Content Strategies
  7. Moderate skill in Adobe Creative Apps
  8. Competent content writing skills would also be preferable

Espresso is the in-house advertising agency for Kaspar Companies and its eight subsidiaries: BEDROCK Truck Beds, Texas Precious Metals, iota Outdoors, Horizon Firearms, Silverback Homes, Kaspar Manufacturing, Truckfitters and Ranch Hand. We also have a couple smaller external accounts. We refer to ourselves as the marketing arm, but our range of capabilities is not confined to the marketing industry’s typical menu of services. In a single month, we will work on a diverse list of creative projects, company rebrands, website creations, website improvements, print deliverables, retail store and office design, custom photography, film script development, trade show booth preparation and more.

Espresso team members operate out of the corporate headquarters in Shiner, Texas, as well as a satellite office in College Station, Texas. The Web Assets Manager position could be based in either location.

All applicants will be reviewed first by the Human Resources Department at Kaspar Companies and the top applicants will be shared with the President of Espresso for review.

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